What did I know about Czech Republic ?

Before settling down in the country, literally nothing or so short knowledge, that my expectations were very different from what it actually is.

What was different from my expectations ?

Where is Czech Republic located ? Lots will definitely answer… Eastern Europe, isnt’t it ? Well, not that simple ! For Czechs, Czech republic is in Central Europe. Do not mistake by calling it Eastern Europe !

What about Prague ? Before coming there, I had the usual postcard on my mind. The beautiful old town and the incredible architecture. It is about it but not only…

The old town is spectacular and worth for a romantic weekend. But the most interesting part of town are just not in the city center. I obviously recommend to pass by Charles Bridge (Karlův most), the old town (Staré Město pražské) or Prague castle but beside the main attractions, you can some alternative and  impressive spots around the city.

Prague is not flat – Most people tend to see Czech Republic as a flat country but the country as the capital has beautiful mountains and hills

Prague is safe – Compared to other European city, the Czech capital is very safe. I have never encountered any troubles living here. Just be as careful as you would be in your own country.

Czech Republic is not just about Prague – Before landing in the country, I thought the great touristic resource of Czech Republic but it is clearly not just about Prague.


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