Yangshuo – beautiful memory

Another year in China has gone so fast, let’s remember what happened this year ! I would start with one of my favourite destinations and would remember my time in Yangshuo with one of the most beautiful pictures which perfectly defines Yangshuo and its beauty. Une autre année s’est écoulée, et si on se rappelait…

大鹏所城 (Dapeng Fortress)

New destination last weekend, I went to 大鹏所城 (Dapeng SuoCheng). From Shenzhen to Dapeng, I would advise to take the bus H92 from Shenzhen Futian Bus station (福田汽车站)to Dapeng Fortress

英西峰林 (广东) / Yingxi Fenglin (GuangDong)

Today I am going to talk to you about 英西峰林/ Yingxi Fenglin in the GuangDong province. Leaving from Shenzhen by train from ShenZhen North Station (深圳北站), you can catch the speed train to go to 英德市 / YingDe city a small Chinese city, one of the closest city on your way to 英西峰林/ Yingxi Fenglin….